Traveling at speeds of more than 2,000 miles per hour, the total solar eclipse of 2017 promises to bring Madras, Oregon, and the tens of thousands who will come to watch, the experience of a lifetime. From start to finish, if you haven’t yet experienced a total solar eclipse, watching the eclipse in Madras, Oregon will provide you with the best seat in America.

From the very second the solar eclipse begins to darken the peak of Mt. Jefferson to the moment when totality brings Madras to a place of complete darkness, here is what you can expect once the eclipse begins.

How Long Will The Total Eclipse Last?

In all, Madras will experience totality for a little more than 2 minutes. But that’s not all there is to this unique solar eclipse. The timeline for the total eclipse for Madras, Oregon looks like this:

  • Eclipse begins at 9:06am
  • Totality begins at 10:19am
  • Totality ends at 10:21am
  • Eclipse ends at 11:41am

Unless you were alive in 1979, or were too young to remember, this will be the first total solar eclipse in the United States since February of that year, nearly forty years ago.

What Can You Expect Once The Eclipse Is Underway?

The observation of a solar eclipse can be described according to the different stages that occur during a solar eclipse. These stages are precise moments of key events during a solar eclipse, referred to as contacts.

How Many Contacts Occur During a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse begins at first contact and as normal daylight returns, it ends with the fourth contact. Here is a brief overview of what happens during the four contacts of a solar eclipse:

  • First Contact – During this first stage, the passage of the moon begins as it moves across the face of the sun and appears to take a small bite on the edge of the sun. If you are not in the path of totality, you will only be able to see a partial eclipse. During first contact, the partial phase begins and therefore, the partial eclipse can be observed.
  • Second Contact – During this second stage, the moment of totality has arrived as the diamond ring effect, which ends the first stage, ushers in the unusual dark sky, yet not like the night sky, but instead with interesting shadows and hues of colors resulting from scattered light. At the beginning of this stage, and for a brief few seconds, you may see the Sun’s chromosphere, or lower atmosphere, appear around the edge of the moon as a reddish glow. At the moment of totality, the extended outer atmosphere of the sun, or corona, glows like a white crown around the dark solar disk as it comes into view. The period of totality ends as the moon starts to uncover the surface of the Sun.
  • Third Contact – In this third stage, totality comes to an end which returns the diamond ring effect as it breaks the corona.
  • Fourth Contact – In this stage, the moment of the fourth contact is marked by the moon passing and the shadow on the sun now disappears. Leading up to this, the various stages of a partial eclipse returns until the full round disk of the sun returns along with normal daylight.

Some Unique Things You’ll Experience During The Eclipse?

In an interview for US News, amateur astronomer Lowell Lyon describes what is commonly experienced during totality, “It gets darker and darker and darker. And what’s weird is, the temperature drops and then wildlife becomes mysteriously quiet,” Lyon explains. “All of a sudden — boom! — it suddenly gets dark.”

The writers at also note that the unique experience one will have during totality with both wildlife and the temperature. “Usually, any breeze will dissipate and birds (many of whom will come in to roost) will stop chirping. It is quiet. Feel. A 10°–15° F drop in temperature is not unusual.”

They go on to add, “Nature will take heed. Depending on your surroundings, as totality nears you may experience strange things. Look. You’ll notice a resemblance to the onset of night, though not exactly. Areas much lighter than the sky near the Sun lie all around the horizon. Shadows look different. Listen.”

Another unique highlight which is expected to be absolutely brilliant for Madras eclipse viewers will be seen just east of town as the peak of Mt. Jefferson will darken just 17 seconds before totality envelopes the morning sky.

All of this promises to be the unique experience of a lifetime, while also being surrounded by the thousands upon thousands of other solar eclipse watchers who will gather in Madras from places all over the world.

Matter of fact, per, just some of the countries being represented by visitors coming to Madras for the eclipse include Africa, Australia, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, China, Malaysia, and Spain

It’s Not Too Late To Plan To See The Eclipse

The 103 acre farm, Cottonwood Corners from Organic Earthly Delights is transforming the farm into a 4 day glamping experience with everything included. Once you arrive, we will have everything you’ll need. A place for your RV right in the path of totality, a tent option if you need it, food, beverages and even live music. But space is limited, so act fast and don’t miss this solar eclipse event of a lifetime.

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