Organic Produce and Groceries

Enjoy the freshest organic produce, eggs and meat from our farm stand

Today, organic produce, fruits and vegetables set the standard for quality, freshness, texture, color, flavor, and variety. Our quality food is grown to have the advantage of being produced without the usual measure of risk factored into conventional produce. Our certified organic produce, available throughout Oregon, is grown utilizing no toxic chemicals during growth, harvest, storage or shipping. Yet, the concept of organic farming is far from primitive, it’s actually farming with a vision of our future in mind.

Your quality produce, vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs and cheese is hand selected for you, from only certified organically grown, products and suppliers. Our eggs, cheese and organic groceries are of the highest quality available.

We are here to support you in your decision to improve the quality of your life, by improving the quality of the food you eat, which will greatly impact the quality of your health!

You Are what You Eat!

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