Organic Produce and Groceries

Enjoy the freshest organic produce, eggs and meat from our farm stand

Our Honor System Farm Stand is full of the freshest Certified Organic produce, raw cheese, eggs and much more right in Madras Oregon. Come in and take a look. You’re welcome to shop at any time. All of these items are available for home delivery as well. Here is our online store if you’d like to see what is available this week.

HOURS: Our Farm Stand is actually open 24/7! We keep the lights always on and you can call or text if you need help, otherwise it’s self-serve and on the Honor System. 

This is your community produce store. Walk right in and take your time shopping for the best organic produce. Add up your order and leave your payment in the box. We’re usually on the property, so call anytime at (503)229-3869 if you need assistance.

We accept cash, checks, credit & debit cards and we have been approved to accept SNAP EBT. Call me to process credit, debit or EBT transactions.

Click this button to see the produce items currently in the Farm Stand. Farm Stand Produce

We have new items coming in several times each week, so check back often. If there is ever anything that you’d like us to get for you, leave a note, email, text [(949)606-6286] or call. We’re happy to help!

  • Our Eggs come from our own organically raised Chickens – $6 per dozen
  • We also have back up eggs from Mission Mountain eggs that raise their chickens the way we feel good about so if my ladies are ever on strike we should have eggs for you.
  • Alaffia GoodSoap Bars – $3.50 each
  • Nice quality canvas shopping bags $15
  • Our Alfalfa hay, 2-tie bails, Barn Stored.
    $240/ton or $15/bale
    Give me a call so that I can direct you to what you need at (503)229-3869.
  • Organic and Free-Range Heritage Turkeys
  • Scratch N Peck Organic Feed:
    • 40 lb Soy Free Layer  $29
    • 40 lb Soy Free Grower $30
    • 40 lb Naturally Free Starter $34
    • 40 lb Soy Free Scratch N’ Corn $24
    • 1.25 lb Cluckin’ Good Grubs $15
    • 10 oz Cluckin’ Good Herbs $26
    • 40 lb Soy Free Turkey Grower $34
    • 40 lb Naturally Free Pig Grower $28
    • 40 lb Soy Free Goat Feed $28

We appreciate your business!

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