Automatic Weekly Delivery?

Most customers are set up to receive a delivery each week or every other
week automatically. Please let me know by Tuesdays at noon if you need to skip a delivery. Send a text message to my cell at (949)606-6286.
(Example text: No delivery this week 🙂

Only Receiving a Delivery When You Place an Order?

If you are set up to only receive an order when you go online and place
an order, please let me know by Tuesdays
at Noon if you DO WANT a delivery

Send a text message to my cell at (949)606-6286. (Example
text: I’ll be placing an order this week 🙂

The website is usually updated after this time, but if I have accurate numbers of who is getting a delivery by noon on Tuesdays, there will be a lot less waste. 

You can then go in and customize your order when you receive the text message letting you know that the website is updated.

There is very little mark up on the produce so that it is affordable for
everyone, but that also means there is no room to absorb waste.

Heritage Turkeys!

Oregon Free-Range Heritage Organic Turkeys will be available again this year! I’ll be delivering for Thanksgiving one day early that week and I’ll deliver your turkey or roast at the same time I deliver your produce.

Heritage turkeys are based on the first breed of turkeys that existed
in the United States.  They breed naturally as well as run and
fly and are truly “Free Range”!  These extra activities result in larger thigh meat, superior taste and less time to cook than a typical turkey!

  • Certified Organic by
    Oregon Tilth
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Antibiotics Ever
  • Non-GMO Vegetarian Feed
  • NO Animal By-products
  • NO Added Hormones

Order form will be
available soon!

Thanks for being so adventurous with your food. Your
body will love you for it.

Remember, you are what you eat!

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Texting Tip


Replying “STOP”, means you want the system to remove you from ever
receiving another text message from me instead of it meaning you want
to be removed from a delivery. Here is what to do if you want to opt
back in:

Text KTEP8E to 24587

Removing more than 3 items from your basket?

Please remember that if you are removing more than 3 items from your basket, it is a Custom Order. We pull those orders aside
and handle each one individually, one at a time. In order to avoid errors, please use the custom order form and choose the items that
you DO WANT.

Note in the text box at the bottom of that form, any desired quantities that are different than the way they are listed. For example:

Apples, Liberty $1.00 each (Note in the box “3 apples” if you want a quantity other than “1”.)

Potatoes, Red $1.20 lb (Note in the box “2 lbs potatoes” if you want a quantity other than “1 pound”.)

Eating with the seasons!

This week’s stormy weather will likely bring a crashing halt to some of our Northwest crop production, not to mention a few of our trees, but there is no doubt plenty of fun still to be had.

When I design the baskets each week, I take into consideration first and foremost what is coming out of the ground locally and globally. As we design our diets around what our farmers are growing for us, while
dealing with the environment and weather, we are truly supporting the health of our earth, our communities and ourselves.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be releasing a subscription based video series that will give you tons of information and ideas on using the goodies you’ll see in our baskets year round! You’ll be able to view the videos on your computer, tablet, iPad or phone so you’ll always have them available!




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