The Best Place To View The 2017 Solar Eclipse In Oregon

Are you looking for the best place in Oregon to experience the 2017 solar eclipse on August 21? We have you covered. Madras, Oregon is one of the best places in the United States to see the 2017 total eclipse because of it’s location during the traverse, as well as its weather in this part of Oregon!

Eclipse Space Is Available In Madras, Oregon!

Relax. We keep hearing the eclipse is sold out in Madras Oregon and I tried to get tickets for the 2017 eclipse, but there’s no vacancy for the eclipse in Madras. This simply isn’t true. Though hotels already sold out in Madras for the solar eclipse and most hotels sold out for the upcoming eclipse over two years ago, there is room on our farm. Keep reading…

Experience The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

With such a rare event, it is no surprise that thousands of people are interested in experiencing the eclipse beyond seeing it on the news. Since Madras Oregon is one of the best locations to view the solar eclipse, hotel and viewing space has become a challenge. That’s why we have created a solar eclipse lodging option that will ensure you and your family front row seats to see the 2017 total solar eclipse in Oregon.

All Inclusive Solar Eclipse Experience At Organic Earthly Delights

We’ll be turning our 103 acre organic farm, “Cottonwood Corners” into a four day Glamping event from August 18th through August 21st, that finishes with the amazing solar eclipse. Imagine an amazing vacation that you and your family will always remember!

About The Solar Eclipse Event In Madras

You’ll find yourself tucked away from town on a 103 acre organic farm. We are also working toward our Biodynamic certification so you’ll find we will be almost self contained. Most of the food you will enjoy will be produced right where you will be camping.  All of the comforts will be waiting for you when you arrive.

What’s included:

  • Bring your RV or Tent.
  • Not Into Setting Up A Tent? We’ll do it for you! We provide the tent which includes a comfy air mattress and organic cotton sheets. You’ll arrive with a place to call home, all ready to move your bunny slippers into!
  • Meals and beverages are included in your weekend.
  • Each morning you will have options to pamper yourself with great organic food, juice, bone broth, coffee and tea. All organic and all prepared for you fresh!
  • Live music all weekend long.
  • 2 Astronomers onsite to provide guided Star Gazing
  • Multiple presentations on astronomy, the eclipse event, the farm and more.
  • Plenty of activities for you and the kids.
  • All 4 days we will have two bouncy houses, one with a water slide!
  • Lego building contest with prizes.
  • Play in the sandbox, hike the 103 acre farm or just tuck away with a pillow and books.
  • Warm showers available and ample restroom facilities

Reserve your spot, space is limited!   Click HERE to Join Our Once In A Lifetime Event!  See The Eclipse Cost Comparison

Limited Coupons – One Per Customer – First 30 Only

Use one of the discount codes below to reserve your spot at Organic Earthly Delights Solar Eclipse On The Farm. Only 30 spaces available with this discount.

2017 eclipse camping space $25 couponRV or Tent Camping space for 2017 Eclipse event - $50 discount

More 2017 Eclipse Information:

2017 Solar Eclipse – Oregon Goes Dark

Best Place For Viewing Solar Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017 – Totality Really Matters

Get more on the eclipse lodging and camping event in Madras Oregon below:

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will cross the contiguous United States for the first time since 1918. The total eclipse will traverse a path from Oregon to South Carolina over a period of about 90 minutes. Potentially 325 million inhabitants within the contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii, could experience this celestial event as either a total or partial eclipse. Millions more throughout North America, parts of South America, Africa, the Pacific, and Europe will also be treated to a partial solar eclipse. Communities, organizations, and citizens have been preparing for years for this occurrence and Organic Earthly Delights is privileged to be a part of it.

Madras Eclipse Duration of totality is 2 minutes, 4 seconds Totality begins at 10:19 a.m. PDT

Duration of totality is 2 minutes, 4 seconds
Totality begins at 10:19 a.m. PDT has a great overview of the path of totality here

Solar Eclipse From Madras, Oregon

Duration of totality is 2 minutes, 4 seconds

Totality begins at 10:19 a.m. PDT

While the Oregon coast is at risk of marine clouds, the interior of this state actually enjoys the nation’s best weather prospects. Madras is easily accessible from Portland with a two-hour drive and sits at the junction of four highways for good mobility. A bonus is the prospect of seeing Mt. Jefferson to the west darken as totality envelops this prominent peak 17 seconds before totality in Madras. More at


Live Music All Weekend Long

Countryfied Friday August 18, 2017

Countryfied Friday August 18, 2017

Allan Byer Project

Allan Byer Project on Saturday August 19, 2017

Patty Davis and Mark Mobely of Shaniko Band

Patty Davis and Mark Mobely of Shaniko Band

Enjoy the local sounds of Countryfied on Friday evening to start out the Madras, Oregon celebration! The Alan Byer Project will join us on Saturday night following our local sensation Patty Davis. To top it off, Mark Mobely and Patty Davis come together with their band Shaniko on Sunday afternoon.

All of your food and beverages are included in your weekend.

Farm Presentations:

2 Astronomers guided Star Gazing

Bee Keeper

Biodynamic and Organic Farming

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Clean, Healthy, Yummy Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking with Kids Demonstrations

Screening room showing lots of great documentaries


Add to your reservation – White Water Rafting

Whitewater Rafting on the Deschutes River!

Whitewater Rafting on the Deschutes River!

2 shuttle buses each day will pick up guests longing for adventure. You’ll be whisked away to The Deschutes River for a day of white water rafting with Sage Canyon Rafting Company!

Add to your Reservation – Massage

LMT at Solar Eclipse on The Organic Earthly Delights Farm

Enjoy Massage Therapy!

Take a few minutes for yourself to enjoy a chair massage by one of our amazing massage therapists!


Kids are welcome!

Bouncy House Water Slide!

Bouncy House Water Slide!

All 4 days we will have two bouncy houses, one with a water slide!

Lego building contest with prizes

Time to play in the sandbox or tuck away into a corner with a pillow and books

Click HERE to Join Our Once In A Lifetime Event! 

See The Eclipse Cost Comparison 


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