2017 Solar Eclipse In Madras

Lodging and eclipse event cost comparison by the numbers

Breakdown Of The Costs For The Solar Eclipse In Madras

We speak with so many people each week that are interested in coming to see the 2017 solar eclipse in Madras, Oregon. Many at first don’t realize that you won’t be able to just drive into town and find a spot to watch the event occur. Why? Let’s break this down…

A population of 6,700 of Madras residents is expected to swell to well over 60-70,000 during the week surrounding the solar eclipse event just within the city of Madras. That means that all of the hotels, campsites and even the roads will be totally over capacity. Getting into and out of the Madras area on highways, main thoroughfares and even the smallest side streets will be nearly impossible in the days leading up to and following the 2017 eclipse. This is why so many people have booked several days in the hotels Madras has, as far back as 2015. In fact, there are no hotel rooms available during the eclipse week and most of the camping sites are also already spoken for, with exception of only a few.


Let’s say that you could still book the least expensive hotel room or camping site in Madras to see the eclipse. First of all, there are no hotel rooms left for the solar eclipse and the least expensive camping spots are running upwards of $150 per night (requiring multiple night reservations). Second of all, you will not be able to book for just the night before the eclipse event, nor would you be able to get to it the night before. Our little town is going to be packed.

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By The Numbers Example For Seeing The 2017 Eclipse:


Madras Event Costs:

Per Night Cost:

Per Day Food:

Per Day Beverage:


Included Amenities:

Eclipse Information:



Total Cost:


$259/night min 3 nights






Sold out since 2015



Other Camp Sites

$150/night or more



NONE or limited



Very Limited



OED in Madras

$122/night, per person



Music/Kid Stuff/Fun


2 Astronomers onsite!



Starts at $122/day
per person

We Currently Have Availability For The Solar Eclipse

Though all of the hotels are sold out for the solar eclipse along with the most inexpensive camping sites, we opened up space on our farm. We wanted to ensure that people and their families had a safe place to view the 2017 eclipse and do it with style, entertainment and food included. Though largely less expensive than any other available or no longer available lodging options in Madras, the all inclusive glamping venue we are providing gives you everything you need for as low as $975.00 if you have an RV or your own Tent (2 adults = $121.88/person, per day) and $1,325 if you’d like us to provide you with a luxurious tent, set it up for you so you can just arrive and enjoy the 4 day event.(2 adults = $165.63/person, per day)


Space is limited, reserve today! Click To Reserve Your SpotMore information about our event: Get The Details

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